Post-Operative Instructions Day 2

ORAL HYGIENE: Begin brushing the teeth gently with a soft toothbrush the day after surgery. Brush, but avoid the site of surgery. Also the day following surgery, rinse your mouth gently with a warm salt-water solution. Roll the water gently back and forth, then lean over sink and let water fall out of mouth –rather than spitting. 1/2 tsp. of table salt in small glass of warm water, after each meal and at bedtime for 4-7 days.

SMOKING:  Smokers are advised NOT TO SMOKE for at least 4 days following surgery. Smoking will delay healing, resulting in prolonged pain, and can be a source of postoperative infection.

REST:  Avoid over fatigue. Go to bed early at night and get adequate rest during the day.

DENTURES:  If you have had dentures placed, DO NOT REMOVE THEM. They will be removed in this office at your next appointment.  If you need to remove them please be advised that subsequent swelling at the surgery site can result in the inability to replace them until the swelling subsides.

BEGINNING TWO DAYS AFTER SURGERY AND FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS, apply warm moist heat to the outside of your face for relief of muscle stiffness and headaches. 20 minutes per side 2-3 times a day can be helpful. You can try a wet wash cloth or gel heat pack along with the wet wash cloth.

The removal of impacted wisdom teeth and other surgical procedures may be quite involved and difficult. The following conditions may occur, all of which are considered normal.

  • The surgical site will usually swell.
  • The swollen area may become quite large and hard.
  • Stiffness of the muscles may cause difficulty in opening the mouth.  REMEMBER TO APPLY WARM MOIST HEAT FOR 5 DAYS, STARTING THE DAY AFTER SURGERY.
  • You may have a slight earache.
  • A sore throat may develop.
  • Numbness around the corners of the mouth on the side from which the tooth was removed may result. This is called “paresthesia” and is most often a temporary condition which will usually correct itself. It may remain anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Your other teeth may ache temporarily. This is called SYMPATHETIC PAIN and is a temporary condition.
  • If the corners of the mouth are stretched, they may become dry or crack. Keep lips moist with cream or ointment such as KY Jelly or lip balm.
  • There will be a cavity where the tooth was removed. This area should be rinsed following meals with warm salt water or mouthwash.  This space will gradually fill in with new tissue. DO NOT OVER RINSE.
  • Black and blue discoloration may occur on the outside of the face near the area of surgery. This occurrence is not unusual and will resolve within several days.
  • There may be a slight elevation of temperature for up to 48 hours. If elevated temperature continues, contact this office.
  • Sutures (stitches) may be used to close the surgical wound. Often they are self-dissolving and do not require removal.  Sometimes one or two come out during the changing of gauze packs.  Do NOT be alarmed.  If you are concerned, please contact the office.


Santa Cruz Oral Surgery Office Phone Number 831-475-0221

If you are unable to reach a doctor, contact:

Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital (831) 462-7730